NIE Energy Grants

Monday 16th January 2012


Some limited funding has become available for household solar water heating grants so please find attached application pack which provides full details of the funding and application requirements.

Applications close on Wednesday 25th January 2012.


News Update - 21st December 2011

The NIE SMART programme has been successful in helping to pump-prime the renewable energy market in Northern Ireland over the last 10 years.  The NIE SMART programme is ending in March 2012 so please note that PowerNI will not be accepting any further applications for the following programmes:

  • NIE Solar Water Heating for farms
  • NIE Solar Water Heating for B&Bs and self catering accommodation
  • NIE Household wind programme
  • NIE household heat pump programme

Grant offers which have already been made will be honoured but no new grant applications will be processed and no requests for grant extensions will be considered ie the grant expiry date will not be changed.

To help people use more renewable technologies in Northern Ireland, Power NI with support from NISEP, will provide funding for some technologies. The NIE Smart programme is managed by Power NI on behalf of NIE.

Please Note

NIE and Power NI do not guarantee or underwrite the performance of any technology and it is your responsibility to ask your installer (or the manufacturer) what reassurances they can provide in terms of the expected performance of the system.

It is your responsibility to ask your local authority if building bontrol or planning permission is required. Please note that you must have received confirmation about statutory consents before applying for grant funding from NIE or Power NI.  If you proceed without consents then your application will be invalid and you will not be able to claim a grant.


Download the application form you are interested in and be sure to fill in every detail.  It’s important to sign the form before you return it to PowerNI, as this will show you agree to the terms and conditions of the grants.

  • Remember – If your application is accepted you will then receive a grant offer letter. Please don’t start the work of installing any equipment before you receive this letter from us. If you proceed with the work without having applied for and received a NIE or Power NI grant offer letter, you will not receive a grant. Unfortunately there will be no exceptions to this.
  • This is a limited offer and due to its popularity we advise you to apply immediately if you are interested. It will be made available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so don’t delay. Some installations will be showcased in local publications to raise awareness of renewable energy in Northern Ireland.

NIE farm solar water heating scheme

NIE Solar water heating grant for B&Bs and self catering premises

NIE household grant for heat pumps